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Thinking About Selling This Fall? Five Reasons to Act NOW!

If you are considering selling your home you may be wondering why now would be the best time to list. Well here are some reasons why selling your home this fall makes the best sense! Demand The latest information we have received from the National Association of Realtors tells us that the demand for housing is […]

What Happened to Central Oregon in 2015?

The Bend and Central Oregon real estate markets surged again in the the last year. Across all genres of the market we saw lower days-on-market, higher price per square foot, and lower inventories for sale when compared to recent years. As real estate brokers, we spent a lot of time explaining to new buyers that […]

3 Ways Bend is Considering Making ADUs Easier

Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs), or “granny flats”, could be part of the solution for Bend, Oregon’s housing affordability. They’ve become a popular investment for many homeowners in the area, but the City Council may be taking steps to make them even more so. The current ADU rules allow you to build an additional residence on […]

Things to Remember When Preparing to Sell

As we move out of the holidays, this is the perfect time to start planning to put your home on the market. Just after New Years Day, buyers start watching HGTV and begin to daydream about their next home.The problem is this is many months before most sellers are even going to start thinking about […]