New Commercial Escalation Clauses in Leases

In real estate, we often deal with two different types of "escalation clauses." The one that most people are familiar with after the crazy residential market of the last few years, is the clause in a residential

Why Rental Property is a Great Inflation Hedge

In these days of increased inflation (I almost said hyperinflation, but thought I should check the definition on that...apparently that's inflation above 50%...good reality check) many folks are trying their best

Thornburgh Resort Continues

The Bulletin reported today that the Thornburgh Resort which has been planned for almost the last 20 years, is still moving forward, and a little smaller. One of the many controversial aspects of Thornbourgh

A New Comp for Lot Values in Bend

I found a new comparable sale for lot values in Bend this morning. While walking down NW Riverfront St. this morning, I noticed one of the old houses being completely demolished. I noticed a new comparable sale

Central Oregon Real Estate Stats – 2020 Q3

For anyone tracking the real estate craziness in Central Oregon, this report is a great resource. I particularly like it because it looks at all of the major residential markets that make up Central Oregon. So

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